Eventful Day At the Monster Jam World Finals XIII
By Brian Genslinger
Mar 22, 2012

Since there are only two days until the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World FinalsSM XIII presented by NGK spark plugs you can see why today was a busy day for everyone. The Monster Jam® Dirt crew was working late last night to make sure the ramps were perfect for the paint crew to come in this morning and give the dirt ramps a little color. Yellow flames were added to all the ramps to give that extra touch that Monster Jam fans love.


The pit crews and drivers were working all day in the pits to get their monster trucks ready for practice tomorrow. As I walked through the pits there were constantly moving parts here and there, monster trucks driving around and also even bodies being taken off and new ones being put on. All the crews were in high-speed to get these big monsters ready to tear it up! Couple of the drivers headed over for a photo shoot that was anything but serious. It was hard to not be laughing the whole time when you have Jim Koehler and the Anderson Family in one tent together.


Later that night we headed down to the Las Vegas strip where the whole Grave Digger race team was out signing autographs for many eager Monster Jam fans. While we were snapping photos of all the Grave Diggers, we spotted the newly designed Monster Jam World Finals XIII Grave Digger. This monster truck was sharp. It had chrome from front to back and also had a grim head that was popped out in 3D on the side of the body. You Monster Jam fans are in for a real treat at the Party in the Pits this year.


Following the autograph session, the Las Vegas police were able to shut down part of the Las Vegas strip for ten Grave Digger monster trucks to roar down the street for a parade. Monster Jam fans lined the street to get a glimpse at history. It was hard to miss this event seeing red headlights from all the Grave Diggers coming down the heart of the Las Vegas strip.


Stay tune for more updates and photos tomorrow.

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