Monster Jam Interviews John Seasock
By Monster Jam Media
Mar 8, 2012


Monster Jam: How do you feel the 2012 Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam season has been so far? 

John Seasock: We have been having a great season.  We had a lot of wins and final round appearances. Ed Majaka is my very first crew chief.  We work very well together!  Another great thing is that we’ve had many chances to hang out with our great Monster Jam fans because ultimately that is what it’s all about.  I can’t complain this season has been pretty sweet so far! 

  Monster Jam: What are your expectations for the 2012 Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals? 

John Seasock: We are going to go into the Monster Jam World Finals with the attitude we’ve had in the past with one round at a time.  I believe this is going to be the toughest field yet. To give a little tip, to win in Vegas you need to have the complete package a good monster truck, crew, and driver.  My new Advance Auto Parts Grinder monster truck is awesome.  I can’t wait to get on that track and see what it can do.  In the end, I would love nothing more than to be able to put the "Peoples" monster truck in the winner’s circle. 

Monster Jam: Did you ever think you would be driving the Advance Auto Parts monster truck?  

John Seasock: I was really happy in the Batman monster truck and it was a really good fit for me, but when I heard that Advance Auto Parts was thinking about a 2nd truck I wanted to put my name in the hat for it.  Advance Auto Parts looks at its customers the same way Monster Jam looks at its fans.  I respect that and the more I learn about Advance Auto Parts the prouder I am to be part of the family! 

Monster Jam: What is your most memorable Monster Jam World Finals moment? 

John Seasock:  Most drivers go in with the mentality of winning the world finals, which is something I will never forget!  But in 2008, I had a chance to meet a young Monster Jam fan that was burned really bad.  We talked and made him a deal that if he would do what the doctors and family said, and with their permission, we would fly him out to the Monster Jam World Finals.  Well with a lot of help and some great people we were able to get him here.  He told me he had a surprise for me, his surprise was he walked to my truck for the first time since his accident. If you watch the DVD from the finals that year, you can see Josh walking for the first time.  I will never forget that! 

Monster Jam: Do you have a pre-event ritual you perform to prepare for the Monster Jam World Finals? 

John Seasock: I am by no means a saint, but I do have my beliefs and before each race I say a little pray and I give thanks for all the blessings that I have been given. 

Monster Jam: What is it going to take to beat out the other strong competitors in racing for your 3rd championship? 

John Seasock: I think to win you will need the best truck, crew and driver combination. It takes a team to win the Monster Jam World Finals, no one can do it alone!  You need to stay calm, have good strong consistent passes and one or two lucky passes.