Monster Jam Interviews "Mr. Excitement"
By Monster Jam Media
Mar 1, 2012


Monster Jam: Where and when did you acquire the nickname “Mr. Excitement”?

Jim Koehler: The nickname came from the great Scott Douglass way back in 2001 when I had an over the top performance and was wild on the mic.  Ever since then the nickname just kind of stuck and I felt that I needed to live up to the new nickname in front of my Monster Jam fans.

  Monster Jam: Tell us about the new paint job you have for fans each Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals?

Jim Koehler: After I won the freestyle world championship in 2003 the crew and I wanted to do something cool as a defending champion so we reversed the colors of the body to orange with green flames down the side of it. The new paint job was a hit at the Monster Jam World Finals so we decided to come up with a new paint job every year to make the Monster Jam World Finals a little more special for the fans.

  Monster Jam: Will the 2012 Monster Jam World Finals paint job be able to top last years and why?

Jim Koehler: I hope we can keep topping the paint jobs, but it keeps getting harder to come up with new and cool ideas. I guess the fans can decide if we made it better or which year is their favorite.

Monster Jam: Can Fans expect to see a repeat performance in freestyle at the Monster Jam World Finals?

Jim Koehler:  I’m hoping to repeat! I feel that if I’m going last in freestyle as the defending champion, I have a good shot because I will have seen everyone else’s runs.  I will just have to top them and it’s been a great year so far with two stadium wins and a lot of 2nd and 3rd place finishes.  I think I am on a roll but the competition is very good so we will see.  All I know is that I’m ready to tear it up and the Avenger is good to go. 

Monster Jam: Considering Avenger is inspired by a 57 Chevy, is there any particular reason why you rock that body style?

Jim Koehler: It’s an American classic and I have always been a hot rodder my whole life.  Growing up my family has always been gear head hot rodders so it is only natural for me to have a classic. It defines me.