Interview with Monster Jam World Finals Qualifier
By Monster Jam Media
Feb 23, 2012



MonsterJam.com: What are your expectations for the 2012 Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals® and are you doing anything different from last year?

George Balhan:   As for preparation, I will be doing the same thing I do at every event.  I’ve been having a great season so far and I try to come into each event relaxed a confident.  I feel that if I keep doing what has been working for me then there is no telling what lies ahead of me.

MonsterJam.com: What is it like being at the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals?

George Balhan: The Monster Jam World Finals is like being in a center of a tornado.  There is so much going on at the event that you are constantly doing something, whether it is preparing the Mohawk Warrior for the event or hanging out with the great Monster Jam fans.

MonsterJam.com: When and where did the Mohawk look start from?

George Balhan:   In my first Monster Jam World Finals I decided to do something different and walked downstairs and shaved my head and the is rest is history.  It’s just really amazing how the fans really responded to it.  The Monster Jam fans are the most loyal and dedicated fans out there!

MonsterJam.com: What does it take for a Monster Jam fan to be a part of the Mohawk Warrior Nation?

George Balhan:   I tell fans that you don’t need a Mohawk to follow me, it’s not for everyone.  Just be true to yourself and have fun and of course always scream and cheer on the Mohawk Warrior when I come blasting onto the field.

MonsterJam.com: Do you have a pre-event ritual you perform to prepare for the Monster Jam World Finals?

George Balhan: I can’t say I have a pre-event ritual.  I just try and have fun all week and not think so hard because driving monster trucks is very fun for me and I take advantage of every moment I’m out here because I know it’s an experience that many don’t get to feel.