History of the Monster Jam World Finals I
By Monster Jam Media
Feb 20, 2012


World Finals I, March 25, 2000 – A New Championship Tradition Begins


Racing Champion – Tom Meents, Goldberg
Freestyle Champion – Dennis Anderson, Grave Digger


Racing Semifinalists: Goldberg (Meents), Gunslinger (Scott Hartsock), Wrenchhead.com (Lyle Hancock), King Krunch (Scott Stephens)


Top 5 Freestyle Scores: Grave Digger (Anderson) 40, Wrenchead.com (Hancock) 39, Goldberg (Meents) 38, nWo 37, Gunslinger (Hartsock) 35  

For the first time ever Monster Jam’s exploding popularity brings fans from all over the country to one location to officially crown a racing and a freestyle champion. Monster Jam officials create the longest and fastest race course on the circuit and stack the biggest obstacles ever seen on the freestyle course to make this a true championship challenge. With 16 of the sport’s best in competition Tom Meents put the icing on one of his greatest racing season’s ever, driving Goldberg to the first World Racing Championship, defeating arch-rival Scott Hartsock and Gunslinger in the final race. It was appropriate that Goldberg and Gunslinger faced off one more time in the Championship Race since the pair had dominated 2000, Meents winning most of the televised racing events, with Hartsock being the only driver to have beaten him that season. Meents won the final battle that year between the two, the one that counted the most.

As for Dennis Anderson, the most popular driver in the sport’s history was stunned in round two of racing, where veteran Scott Stephens drove King Krunch to the upset win over Grave Digger. Anderson redeemed himself in freestyle though, and with six fans serving as judges, Grave Digger received a perfect score of 40 (the highest and lowest scores were thrown out, but actually all six judges gave Anderson a 10) and Dennis Anderson was crowned the first World Freestyle Champion.
For many the most memorable Wow moment from WF1 was an amazing reverse move from Lyle Hancock in Wrenchead.com, who roared up a huge container in reverse to bring the crowd to its feet yet again.

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