Fans Special Grave Digger 30th Anniversary Message
By Monster Jam Media
Feb 17, 2012

 “To Dennis Anderson:  My family has been Monster Jam fans for years. My daughter, born in 1982, grew up around racing of all sorts. Her son, my grandson, is 2 1/2 years old and he is obsessed with Grave Digger - he is so cute. When he shows someone the truck that is always in his hand, he tells them "bad to the bone," and points to the words on the back. Then he wants to watch a YouTube video that plays ‘Bad To The Bone’ and if you try to trick him and play a video without the song, he says "turn it off,  Bad to the Bone." Then he points to another option. It better play bad to the bone or he won't watch it. Then when you are getting interviewed after the freestyle he says "that's the Grave Digger guy!" He also knows all the Monster Jam trucks. Pure Adrenalin is a mouthful for a 2 year old, but he knows them all. I hope you will be at Indianapolis in March. We are planning on going, as my grandson lives right outside Indianapolis. Thank you very much for keeping this sport exciting.”

-          Teresa from Gallatin, MO

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