Monster Jam Interviews Brian Deegan (Part 2)
By Monster Jam Media
Feb 14, 2012

Monster Jam:  How would you compare Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam to other action or off-road sports?

 Brian Deegan: Monster Jam is like other action sports in the way that they give me a rush when I do them. In racing I use the skills I’ve learned from racing off-road trucks. In freestyle I use the skills I’ve learned from FMX and X Games to just go for it!

Monster Jam:  Is there anything you will be doing differently at Monster Jam in Los Angeles, CA this weekend compared to your Phoenix, AZ debut?

Brian Deegan: Yeah, I’m coming out full force and not holding back. I learned a lot in Phoenix and I’m going to carry what I learned into Los Angeles this weekend.

Monster Jam:  Has anyone helped you out along the way as you learn the monster truck. 

Brian Deegan: My teammate Todd has been a big help.  We both come from similar backgrounds of off-road racing and he coaches me over my radio.  We’ve had a great time and work well as a team. He has been a good driver for the Metal Mulisha monster truck, when I’m not around he is holding it down.

 Monster Jam:  What do you think of Monster Jam fans?

 Brian Deegan: Monster Jam fans are die hard!  They have so much energy that pumps me up every time I get behind the wheel of the Metal Mulisha monster truck.

 Monster Jam:  How do you feel the fans of Monster Jam have accepted the new coming of Metal Mulisha into the sport of Monster Jam?

 Brian Deegan: The fans have really embraced Metal Mulisha in the sport of Monster Jam, the support has been cool.


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