Grave Digger 30th Anniversary Fan Favorite Memory
By Monster Jam Media
Jan 31, 2012

“Probably my favorite memory happened twice - at the last two World Finals. As an artist, I pride myself on drawing monster trucks, and have actually done the Grave Digger on a few occasions. Two years ago, I brought my Grave Digger artwork to Vegas as my first trip to the World Finals. Dennis himself signed it, and just was in awe of the detail. Last year, I drew his King Sling truck, and he remembered me from the year before. Just being able to say Dennis Anderson, a man who meets thousands upon thousands of fans a year, is able to remember just one because of something they did, it means something. Rest assured, this year, the 30th Anniversary look is on my list, and will be sitting beside Grave Digger The Legend and Son-Uva Digger in my gallery.” 

-       Dustin from West Decatur, PA  

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