Grave Digger 30th Anniversary Fan Favorite Memory
By Monster Jam Media
Jan 24, 2012


“My favorite memory is when I saw Grave Digger for the first time in 1988. I was 7 years old when Dennis came to my home town of Lubbock, Texas and put on a show to remember. He drove his truck into a wall where we were sitting at. From that day I was the biggest Grave Digger Fan and now my son is a bigger fan than me. His first show was in Dallas Cowboy's Stadium & now he loves Monster Jam like me. My dad took me that day I saw Grave Digger for the first time and I hope my son can say the same about me...Can't wait to see Dennis Anderson again in Dallas this year on February 25. It's been 22 years and it will be worth the 400 mile drive from Lubbock.  This time I'm taking the whole family - me, my wife, my kids, my brothers and sister-in-laws. It will also be my dad & my mom's first time; hope she loves it like us....Good luck in Dallas, see you there....GO GRAVE DIGGER” 

-       Randy from Lubbock, TX