Grave Digger 30th Anniversary Fan Favorite Memory
By Monster Jam Media
Jan 3, 2012


“When my youngest son was three we took him to a Monster Truck Show in Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. Now he has been a diehard Grave Digger fan since he was old enough to talk. Grave Digger had just won the overall and was doing his doughnuts to celebrate. He was so excited cheering but then it happened…Grave Digger fell over and lost his body cover. He was so upset he started crying that ‘Grave Digger was broken.’ It wasn't until ya'll put the body cover back on he was ok. Too cute ... Just last year we went to another event and he met Dennis Anderson and was able to do his announcing impression in his best radio voice for Mr. Anderson and made him chuckle. Love it. Thanks for making my lil man (he is 11 now) smile :)”

-          Melissa from Largo, FL