One Last Chance To Grab 2013 Headlines For Superstars At Final Metrodome Monster Jam

By Scott Douglass
Dec 3, 2013

Along with all of the history on display at the last Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam® event that will be contested in the tradition rich Minneapolis Metrodome this final Monster Jam of 2013 provides one more chance to make a statement that caps off this season in spectacular fashion while building momentum for the busy 2014 first quarter calendar that begins in just a few weeks. The main goal for every team heading to Minneapolis of course is to win it all, to take the trophy of what figures to be one of the year’s most wide-open race brackets, or to be the final champion standing on the winner’s stage in the Metrodome by taking the freestyle championship, or the ultimate goal to win both genres and bask in the glow of winning the final Double Down trophy available this year.

Because of the elite caliber of the field that will compete in the Metrodome finale there will also be many opportunities to make personal statements that are sure to carry over into the New Year, especially where one team has dominated head to head against another in 2013. Several examples of that scenario could be in play in Minneapolis and the results will bear watching.

Exhibit one is the sibling rivalry between Adam and Ryan Anderson. During this World Racing Championship season for Adam Anderson in Grave Digger The Legend® big brother has owned the younger Anderson on the race track. Grave Digger The Legend has squared off at the starting line against Son-uva Digger® 8 times this season, with Adam powering Grave Digger The Legend to victory in seven of those family match-ups. Should the pair match-up one more time this year expect it to be one of the most intense races of the night. The ultra-competitive Ryan will no doubt pull out all the stops if Son-uva Digger can get a chance at some season ending redemption against the reigning champion of the Monster Jam racing world, Grave Digger Grave Digger The Legend.

Several other potential heads-up races in the Metrodome offer the opportunity for certain teams to continue dominance over a rival or allow a team that has been on the short end of the stick too often this year against another competitor to gain a measure of vengeance and potentially turn the tables heading into what will be the most competitive racing season ever in 2014, where the goal for every Monster Jam team is to win the biggest Monster Jam World FinalsSM ever with a record setting 32 Monster Jam trucks scheduled to battle for the title in March at Monster Jam World Finals XV presented by NGK Spark Plugs in Las Vegas.

For rookie sensation J. P. Ruggiero and El DiabloSM the Minneapolis event may provide a chance to prove just how far the bilingual driver and his Hispanic Heritage themed truck have come in their first season. El Diablo will be trying to break some winless streaks if the bracket unfolds the right way. Linsey Weenk and the Lucas Oil Crusader have dominated El Diablo, posting a 6 and 0 record in head-to head races. Damon Bradshaw and Monster Energy is 4 and 0 against El Diablo, and Advance Auto Parts GrinderSM pilot Lupe Soza is 3 and 0 in races against El Diablo, so it is clear that J. P. will have plenty of motivation to take the next step in his blossoming career if El Diablo gets the chance to break any or all of those streaks in Minneapolis. On the other side of that coin El Diablo has a winning record head to head in racing against Scott Buetow and Team Hot Wheels® Firestorm®, a record El Diablo hopes to have the chance to build on in Minnesota.

The Hot Wheels team also has a couple of goose eggs on the 2013 match-up sheet, one Buetow would like to extend and the other he would like to end in Minneapolis. Buetow is unbeaten racing against Soza this year but Team Hot Wheels Firestorm has not had any success against Monster Energy, losing all three times they’ve raced this season.

For Monster Energy this field represents feast or famine on the head-to-head results list. Despite a winning record against the majority of the Monster Jam trucks in this field Monster Energy has been on the losing end more often against all versions of the Grave Digger Team that will be potential opponents in the Minneapolis race bracket: Dennis Anderson’s Grave Digger, Adam and Grave Digger The Legend, and Ryan’s Son-uva Digger. Bradshaw is also on the wrong side of the ledger against Tom Meents and Max-DSM so the highly competitive Bradshaw has plenty of incentive if he can end the season by turning those records around.

Back to Grave Digger The Legend. The World Racing Champion figures to be one of the biggest favorites to take home this last Minneapolis racing bracket and has been able to flex his muscle all season against the biggest superstars in the game. Adam and his father have met six times on the race track in 2013, with both Grave Digger and Grave Digger The Legend having three wins against the other. Other than that 50-50 record against his Dad, Adam can boast of having the upper hand this year against every other team coming to Minneapolis with one exception. Chad Fortune and Captain America has a record of 3 wins and only 2 losses racing against Grave Digger The Legend this year, making Captain America the only Monster Jam truck in this field with a winning record against the World Racing Champion.

Then there is the potential race so many fans in the Metrodome hope to see one last time in that building, Grave Digger vs. Max-D. While Meents has had the better of The Greatest Rivalry in Motorsports at times during this intense battle that has lasted more than a decade, Anderson has dominated the head to head match-ups with Meents over the past few years. The only time that the pair has met this year came when Grave Digger defeated Max-D last March at Ford Field in Detroit. That victory extended Anderson and Grave Digger’s win streak vs. Meents and Max-D in stadiums to 9 in a row. The last time Meents powered Max-D to victory against Anderson and Grave Digger in a stadium event was back in January of 2010. Considering the incredible tradition in the Metrodome these two teams have build it will be fitting if at some point in this race bracket they square off against each other one more time.

The final Metrodome trophy will be the freestyle hardware, and the question is, who can derail Son-uva Digger? Not only has Ryan won more freestyle trophies this year than any other competitor here, Son-uva Digger is the two time defending freestyle winner at this event. Expect Ryan to leave everything on the course in his effort to bring this era to a sensational end by trying for a Son-uva Digger Minneapolis three-peat.

Here we go. The anticipation is running at a fever pitch among the teams and fans alike as Monster Jam rocks the Minneapolis Metrodome for one final time and it figures to be an epic night that will make more history and set the tone for a 2014 season that is expected to be the greatest year ever in Monster Jam.

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