New Stockholm Stadium Provides Awesome Final 2013 Stop For The Greatest Monster Jam World Tour Ever

By Scott Douglass
Nov 12, 2013

There was arguably more history made this year than in any other given year on the Monster Jam® World Tour, and this year’s series of treks overseas drew to a spectacular close November 9th at Friends Arena in Stockholm, a huge stadium  venue hosting the sport for the first time that saw a huge crowd treated to a night full of incredible racing and action packed freestyle performances from some of the biggest superstars in Monster Jam. Using just about any metrics you like, the 2013 Monster Jam World Tour that began on a historic night last May in Abu Dhabi and ended last weekend in Stockholm stands at the top with more new countries, even new regions of the world on the schedule for the first time, and more fans witnessing the spectacle that is Monster Jam live outside of the United States borders than in any previous year.

The most obvious factor in making that point comes down to pure mileage. Since the sport first ventured outside of North America in 2004 never in any calendar year have the Monster Jam trucks spent so much time on the ocean in route to the next destination, far and away the most extensive travels for these machines occurred in 2013. Along with that Monster Jam debut in the Middle East at Zayed City Sports Stadium in the United Arab Emirates more than 50,000 filled the seats at ANZ Stadium in Sydney, Australia for the first Monster Jam event to be contested on the Australian continent.  Then wrapping up the year in a brand new facility in Stockholm in front  of a near capacity crowd seemed not only a fitting way to end 2013 but a signal of even greater things to come in future years when you consider that a return down under to ANZ Stadium and a second straight appearance at Friends Arena in Stockholm are already booked and tickets for both of those huge events next year have already gone on sale to the fans in Australia and Sweden, it is clear that the expansion of the Monster Jam World Tour remains on the upswing and that even more new cities and countries will be added to the series in the future.

As exciting as it is to witness the continuing growth of Monster Jam all around the globe it is equally as gratifying to see the sport return to countries that have been on the calendar in the past and in 2013 those return trips were unanimously greeted by the tremendous support of the loyal Monster Jam fans from Mexico to Finland to The Netherlands. Social media was buzzing in September about the spectacular action fans were witnessing live in Monterrey and Mexico City; once again Arnhem, Holland, lived up to its billing as “The European World Finals” with big crowds for the unique Monster Jam team competitions there, and the fan support was just as evident before show time as the Dutch city and the spectacular Gelredome again hosted some of the best attended Party in the Pits before the shows that you can find anywhere in the world. Speaking of huge crowds, Monster Jam returned to Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, Finland, this year with the superstars basking in the glow of the greatest support ever, some of the biggest crowds that have ever turned out in the 10 year history of Monster Jam in Scandinavia packed into that hockey arena transformed into a Monster Jam racing and freestyle track and the support of those fans was rewarded by the Monster Jam teams who laid down performances that the Finnish fans were raving about.

The complement to seeing the long term success of Monster Jam in Europe and Mexico is the journeys to parts of the globe very few could have ever envisioned for the sport for the initial time. There is unquestioned excitement about the potential expansion of the sport, and fans who have followed Monster Jam mostly through the internet and television up to now have to be excited and hopeful, maybe it will be there country to next join the growing list of new worldwide hosts for the phenomenon known as Monster Jam. 

Make no mistake about it, whether you are talking about fans in attendance, social media buzz, or just new host countries for the sport, the Monster Jam World Tour in 2013 has not only raised the bar and escalated the amazing global reach of this one of a kind family experience, every new locale that gets added to the schedule fires up thousands and thousands of fans in each new city as the reality sinks in that the incredible sport these fans have only seen on their TV sets and computer screens will now come to their home and they can see the amazing thrills live.

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