Monster Jam World Finals Caliber Line-up Heads To Australia

By Scott Douglass
Oct 8, 2013

The next event on the 2013 Monster Jam® calendar is one of the most anticipated events in the history of the sport as the ever expanding Monster Jam World Tour takes a huge field of the sport’s most popular Monster Jam trucks and superstar drivers “down under” for the first time, rocking ANZ Stadium in Sydney October 19th.  For this debut the roster is truly Monster Jam World Finals caliber and the fans in Australia are responding as brisk ticket sales indicate that a huge crowd will fill the massive stadium for this night of Monster Jam history. To that point the Party in the Pits is already sold out with thousands of fans ready to meet the superstars up close and personal for the first time anywhere in Australia. This week big crowds are turning out for displays of the Grave Digger Monster Jam truck and veteran driver Dan Evans at a variety of Australian locations to promote the first ever Monster Jam in Sydney.

The first number that jumps out is 24. That’s the total number of Monster Jam World Championships represented in the line-up set to compete in Sydney. Other than at the Monster Jam World Finals I can’t recall an event where that many world titles were on the resumes of the Monster Jam trucks and drivers battling in a single locale. The next number worth noting is 2. That’s the number of the reigning Monster Jam World Champions set to compete in Sydney as both current title holders are looking to make more history by trying to be the first ever champion at a Monster Jam event contested in Australia: current World Racing Champion Adam Anderson in Grave Digger The Legend® and 2013 World Freestyle Champion Tom Meents in Max-DSM lead the charge into this ground breaking event.

It won’t be easy work for either of the current title holders to add another historic trophy to their packed trophy cases when you consider the powerhouse roster set to join them for this epic event. Former World Freestyle Champion Charlie Pauken, coming off his awesome performances on the Monster Jam World Tour in The Netherlands last month will be representing for Team Grave Digger®. Speaking of the Grave Digger unit fans in Australia will get to see firsthand the entire spectrum of that outfit as Ryan Anderson and Son-uva Digger® will join Pauken’s Grave Digger and Adam Anderson’s Grave Digger the Legend, that trio figuring to be a popular part of the pit party and each is expected to be a strong contender to win one or both of the trophies up for grabs with a powerhouse racing bracket and what should be one of the greatest freestyle competitions of the year both on the docket.

Meents’ 11 World Championships grabs the biggest headline of course but the Max-D driver is not the only champ with multiple titles in the record book. Adam Anderson won a world title for the second time this year and other multi-time Monster Jam World Champions heading to Australia are Madusa®, a two-time champion and the only female driver to ever win a world crown, and two-time World Racing Champion John Seasock who will compete behind the wheel of Wolverine at ANZ Stadium.

Complementing this line-up chocked full of champions are more exciting and popular fan favorites including the new ZombieSM truck with driver Sean Duhon, Monster MuttSM Dalmatian with crowd pleaser Candice Jolly, and the awesome new black El Toro Loco® that wicked fast driver Marc McDonald will be bringing over for the Aussie debut of Monster Jam. Then add in prime time Monster Jam players Damon Bradshaw in Monster Energy, Lee O’Donnell in Iron ManTM, and Chad Fortune in Captain America, and it become easy to see why the phrase World Finals caliber is so appropriate here.

Bringing this incredible sport to tens of thousands of new fans in a place many never dreamed of competing at before has every driver and Crew Chief fired up with anticipation and each and every one of the competitors headed to Australia badly wants to have their name in the history book as the first ever Monster Jam racing champ in Australia, the first ever Monster Jam freestyle winner on that continent or better yet the ultimate goal, to be the driver who powers a Monster Jam truck to the Double Down by winning both racing and freestyle in Monster Jam’s Sydney debut. It will be thrilling, intense, and the fans in Australia can get ready for a night to remember October 19th in ANZ Stadium.   

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