"Spanning The Globe": Monster Jam Style

By Scott Douglass
Sep 17, 2013

Borrowing that phrase from the iconic ABC series “Wide World of Sports” from years ago Monster Jam® is truly spanning the globe this fall, bringing the one-of-a-kind thrills that the sport provides to more fans in more new places than ever before. With so many fans these days creating great family vacations by traveling to several Monster Jam events this year, I got the calculator out to see just how many frequent flyer miles fans would rack up if they were able to follow their favorite superstars to the action still to come in 2013 in the United States and on the Monster Jam World Tour.

It is common these days to see some of the sport’s most fervent fans at multiple events in any given season. For years there are so many familiar faces that the Monster Jam superstars see week after week on the fabled “I Love Florida Tour”, many families of Monster Jam enthusiasts who enjoy their winter weekends going from Tampa to Orlando to Tampa to Miami to Jacksonville for the experience of the major stadium thrills that Monster Jam brings to those huge facilities on an annual basis, with many also squeezing in awesome arena events at other Sunshine State locales. Ditto the Path of Destruction, where the number of fans who enjoy part of their summer vacations following the biggest names in the game to major northeastern US stadiums has grown yearly.

Knowing how many fans love to travel to these great Monster Jam events and with so many families attending more than just their hometown events these days, let’s see what kind of mileage would be racked up in this utopia of taking in every event possible this fall. For our purposes we’ll make Chicago our home base with its location in the center of the US and because there are so many longtime Monster Jam fans who call Chicagoland home.

The trek would have started last weekend taking in the Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour at the world famous Calgary Stampede grandstands. As the crow flies the Chicago to Calgary journey totals 1,399 miles, so that excursion gets us started with a 2,798 mile round trip. This coming weekend we have a couple of great choices available. Staying in this country there is the option of taking in what is sure to be a special weekend, the debut of Monster Jam in Iowa at the home of the legendary Knoxville Nationals. But for our concept of jet setting the world to take in all of the great Monster Jam action, this weekend would send us south of the border to Monterrey, Mexico. Total round trip for that exotic Monster Jam adventure will add 2,662 miles to our odometer.

Fans in Mexico have yet another chance to catch the thrills the following weekend when the action moves to Mexico City, but to get the entire global experience we’ll forego what would be a wonderful vacation week in those two cities in Mexico to instead head across the Atlantic Ocean for the “Crown Jewel of the Monster Jam World Tour” in Arnhem, Holland. That round trip from Chicago to the beautiful city outside of Amsterdam comes in at 8,342 miles.      

The first weekend of October we would have to take in Monster Jam in Philadelphia, another incredible market with a long Monster Jam tradition and incredible fans which will push our total miles traveled up another 1,326 miles for the Chicago to Philly round trip.

Then there is the debut so many are most excited about, the first ever Monster Jam “Down Under”, in Sydney, Australia. Of course that trip will really pad the frequent flier account. By how much? The distance one way from Chicago to Sydney is 9,249 miles, so the round trip is 18,498 miles. The superstars of Monster Jam who will have the honor of bringing the sport to Australia for the first time already have their tickets booked and each and every one of them can’t wait for this incredible experience and the chance to thrill even more new fans at an event where tickets continue to sell at a brisk pace.

After the Australian experience the Monster Jam miles keep adding up. There’s the return to Helsinki, Finland, in November which is an 8,866 mile round trip, followed by the return to Stockholm, Sweden, for the first ever Monster Jam in Friends Arena. That’s another 8,560 miles back and forth.  

The calculator is really cranking at this point. Totaling all the miles up, this dream trip of following the Monster Jam action worldwide this fall beginning in Calgary and tracking the high flying excitement all the way through the Stockholm Monster Jam in November tops 50,000 miles of travel! The final total of this unbelievable itinerary is actually 51,052 miles. And there’s no sense in stopping there with US events also on the schedule this fall in Hampton, Virginia, and then what is sure to be an epic night, the Monster Jam final fling in the Minneapolis Metrodome coming in December.

To think that all of this started as a truly American undertaking, good ol’ boys building massive machines to push the mechanical limits and do things never done before in motorsports. To see the incredible fan support in this country drive the sport and its superstars to new levels of excellence year after year has been amazing. But who could have ever imagined that this incredible growth of Monster Jam into a worldwide phenomenon could create an itinerary that tops 50,000 miles of travel in just a few months? That’s the reality and what is just as exciting is that the global expansion of the most exciting motorsports action in the world is sure to continue, and more new fans each and every year will be getting the chance to enjoy these Monster Jam thrills live.

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