Max-D Ready To Embark On Another Decade Of Maximum Destruction

By Monster Jam Media
Jul 9, 2013

While Tom Meents and all of the members of Team Max-DSM continue to enjoy and celebrate their 10th anniversary season and a “Decade of Maximum Destruction” in Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam®, the 11-time Monster Jam World FinalsSM Champion makes it clear that as his team delights in the accomplishments of the past ten years that this is, in his eyes, also the launch into the next decade of thrills his team plans to bring to Monster Jam fans all over the globe. So in this third and final installment of our three part series with Tom Meents on the past, present, and future of Max-D, we focus now on what is still to come for one of the sport’s most popular and recognized units.

So what is next for a team that has already accomplished so much? “Just keep hammering away harder than ever,” is Meents’ quick answer. “Setting new goals. Pushing the number of championships up, which is really hard to do now. It’s harder than ever to win a championship these days, it really is. In the beginning it was a lot easier. But you know making the equipment better is the key. We have three awesome drivers in Max-D, three awesome drivers in three different trucks and I’d actually like to have a fourth. We are kind of looking for that guy, that next Max-D driver right now. More importantly it is all about putting on great shows. I want Monster Jam fans to come out to see me, whether it is for the first time or if it is the tenth time they’ve seen me, I want them all to see something special.”

Looking forward Tom is very enthusiastic about the future of Monster Jam, pointing to all the new talent and great action fans enjoy every week in so many unique locales. As Max-D continues to perform at the top of the game Meents says he is thrilled to see the steps forward all of the new talent in the sport continues to make, and when talking about the next generation, the Adam Anderson’s and Ryan Anderson’s and Morgan Kane’s and so on, Meents says he loves competing against the new breed and is proud to see the newer faces stepping up to the big time. “It is, it is very rewarding,” Meents continued. “Honestly I’m a big motorsports fan, of every kind of motorsports that there is. But I want Monster Jam to be Number One. So I know that it takes all of us and I know that if I can’t perform on a certain night it is going to take somebody else to step up and do the job for Monster Jam, for the Monster Jam fans. That really means a lot to me and we have a ton of talent right now and it is only going to get better. There’s more driver training going on in the sport right now than ever before  so there is going to be even more great new talent coming into Monster Jam. It’s not about me, it’s about me and the other veterans giving the new drivers just some food for thought and then they take their individual skills and bring their own new looks to Monster Jam, so this is a very exciting time.”

As Meents peeks into the future his excitement is obvious when pointing toward his chance to win more championship honors as the biggest event in the sport expands to an extra night and to 32 competing Monster Jam trucks in March of 2014 when Monster Jam World Finals XV roars into Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. To Meents the biggest expansion of Monster Jam’s greatest spectacular at this particular time, in 2014, is especially significant. “Most importantly it is a perfect fit: fifteen years of the Monster Jam World Finals and the next time it is going to be the greatest track ever,” Meents exclaimed. “Two full days of competition, plus a day of Double Down. It’s gonna be awesome. Think about how awesome it’s going to be. This is the first time ever that we’ll be able to have two completely different courses; one for racing on Friday and one for freestyle on Saturday. It’s only going to make the greatest competition that we have every year that much better.” And anybody who knows Meents is aware that priority one is to expand his incredible record of World Championships next year against the biggest and toughest field ever assembled in pursuit of Monster Jam’s most coveted honors.

All in all Meents sees nothing but bright things in the future, for both Monster Jam and for Max-D. He plans on driving for a long time to come, but even after he hangs up the steering wheel Meents says he’ll always be a part of Monster Jam. “As long as I’m around, as long as I’m here, I’ll be a part of Monster Jam, for sure,” Meents said in summing things up . “I can’t drive forever, but I’m still doing a great job right now. I can see an end to driving for me down the road, yes, but that is definitely down the road. But you know seeing the greatness of Neil (Elliott) and Kreg (Christensen) to this point and thinking about how talented the other drivers that we are going to bring along in the future will be it makes me confident that Monster Jam will be here forever, and that’s really cool. But even cooler: Max-D will continue to be here, and I promise you Max-D will keep coming back bigger and better than ever.”

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