Monster Jam World Finals Results Carry Over To Path Of Destruction

By Monster Jam Media
May 28, 2013

With the creation of the amazing Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam® Path of DestructionSM Tour of East Coast stadiums Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam® is giving tens of thousands of fans the chance to experience the thrills of popular stadium events live at a time of the year and in locations where just a few years ago those opportunities were not available. Along with the fans getting these new chances to experience even more incredible action live, the upcoming trips to Baltimore’s M & T Bank Stadium on June 8 and Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, on June 15 will be a great barometer for the sport’s premier Monster Jam trucks and their superstar drivers following up their competition at Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World FinalsSM XIV presented by NGK Spark Plugs a couple of months ago at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas.

As so many fans saw live and many more witnessed last Saturday during Speed’s three hours of broadcast coverage from the 14th Monster Jam World Finals, it was an event with a combination of breakout stars having some of their greatest moments ever while at the same time some of the sport’s all-time legends proved they were still at the top of the game. Now carry that forward to the Path of Destruction and it will be extremely interesting to see who brings their momentum forward from Vegas and who can bounce back from a disappointing weekend at the sport’s greatest event. For today’s Monster Jam superstars the road to the next Monster Jam World Finals begins as soon as the previous one is completed and with that said, the Path of Destruction events not only provide the opportunity to race and freestyle on massive courses, they also bring together a huge field of Monster Jam World Finals competitors. So these upcoming battles in Baltimore and in the New York City market can set the tone for the next year. Considering that we are heading to far and away the biggest and best event in the sport’s history next March, with 32 Monster Jam trucks battling in a newly expanded racing only on Friday and freestyle on Saturday format at Monster Jam World Finals XV, every chance to build momentum and get the upper hand on your competition is something every Monster Jam driver looks to take advantage of.

The best example of the Monster Jam Path of Destruction pointing to the next Monster Jam World Finals can be found in the current World Racing Champion Adam Anderson, who powered Grave Digger the Legend® to the first ever Met Life Stadium racing championship some 10 months in advance of his taking the world racing title this past March. Also worth noting that Adam’s opponent in the first ever Championship Round Race in MetLife Stadium was Marc McDonald in El Toro Loco®. The same Marc McDonald that Anderson defeated to claim his first World Racing Championship in Vegas.

Speaking of Adam Anderson’s historic accomplishment in winning his first world racing crown, let me correct one thing I said on Speed during the broadcast last Saturday: I made the statement on air that Adam is now the 5th driver to have won both a Monster Jam World Racing Championship and a World Freestyle Championship which is incorrect. That is actually an even more exclusive club, with just 4 members as Adam joins his father, Dennis Anderson and Grave Digger®, Tom Meents and Max-DSM as well as Madusa as the only drivers to win both titles in their careers thus far.

Adam also joins a group almost as exclusive with that racing championship, the few drivers who have won more than one World Championship of any type. Along with the aforementioned quartet of Adam, Dennis, Tom, and Madusa, add in Jim Koehler’s Avenger with two World Freestyle Championships and John Seasock, who claimed a pair of World Racing Championships in Batman and the total of drivers who can claim multiple Monster Jam World Championships now stands at 6.

The Path of Destruction may also be the beginning of the road to redemption for several top stars who were disappointed in their most recent Monster Jam World Finals performance. Those drivers who left Las Vegas this time around with a bitter taste in their mouths have to be chomping at the bit to get back on a huge stadium race track and freestyle course, and to get a crack at the reigning World Champions, Grave Digger the Legend and Max-D. You have to start that list with Linsey Weenk and the Lucas Oil Crusader and Damon Bradshaw and Monster Energy, a pair of highly motivated competitors with top level teams and equipment who expected more from themselves and their machines at this year’s Monster Jam World Finals. For ultra-competitors like Weenk and Bradshaw you have to believe that they’ll come to the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Path of Destruction with a chip on their shoulders, ready to start the march to the biggest Monster Jam World Finals ever by excelling in both Baltimore and East Rutherford.

Ryan Anderson is another who you have to believe is going to try to build event by event toward what he hopes will be his first Monster Jam World Championship in 2014. I talked with the Son-uva Digger® driver immediately following this year’s Monster Jam World Finals and despite his not winning a title I sensed relief rather than disappointment. This was an important Monster Jam World Finals for Ryan simply because he was back in the sport’s greatest competition after sitting out a big chunk of the previous year recovering from injury. Sure the youngest Anderson in the sport wanted more, but priority one was to get back on the track and compete hard, thrill his legions of fans, and conquer the course himself. He did that even though electrical problems kept plaguing Son-uva Digger. He won a pair of races to advance into the quarterfinals of the race bracket in Las Vegas and then threw down a freestyle performance filled with Wow moments when he could keep the truck running. That’s now behind him and Ryan made it clear that 2013 was about getting back into the biggest competitions on the planet, now heading through the rest of this year and into 2014 it will be all about winning his first Monster Jam World Championship.

Incredible action and incredible stories will be all over the place in Baltimore and suburban New York City in the coming weeks, which is why people all along the populous East Coast already have their tickets in hand, and many fans are planning family summer vacations from across the country to experience the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Path of Destruction live – and you should too!

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