Monster Jam World Finals XIV Makes Its Mark On The Stat Sheet

By Scott Douglass
Apr 9, 2013

With the World Championship Race at Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World FinalsSM XIV presented by NGK Spark Plugs last month matching a pair of drivers and Monster Jam trucks making their first appearance in the sport’s ultimate final round race the results from the 2014 trip to Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, NV created a bit of a shake-up near the top of the leaders list looking at the all-time statistics from Monster Jam’s® premier event. That duo, new World Racing Champion Adam Anderson and Grave Digger the Legend® and runner-up Marc McDonald and El Toro Loco® , each moved up significantly on the all-time Monster Jam World Finals racing leader board.

Looking first at the updated statistics for Monster Jam trucks in the history of this competition McDonald’s run to the finale elevates El Toro Loco to the number 5 spot in racing victories at this event. McDonald and former El Toro Loco shoe Lupe Soza have now combined to see the “crazy bull” garner 11 round racing wins over the years in Las Vegas, a total that trails only the vaunted racing win totals of Max-DSM, Grave Digger®, Bounty Hunter, and Blacksmith®. Proving just how tough it is to win on the sport’s toughest race track the only other Monster Jam trucks that have so far recorded double digit race win records there are BatmanTM, Blue Thunder®, and Captain’s Curse®.

Moving to the driver rankings both of this year’s finalists, who began their Monster Jam World Finals careers in other Monster Jam trucks, elevated their names on this winners list as well. McDonald jumps all the way into the top five among drivers who have won rounds of racing at Sam Boyd Stadium with 13 total wins. Max-D’s all-time World Championship record holder Tom Meents of course is way out in front in this category, Meents now has 37 all time racing round wins in the history of the Monster Jam World Finals. Grave Digger’s Dennis Anderson and Bounty Hunter’s Jim Creten tie for a distant second on that list having crossed the finish line first at Sam Boyd 25 times, and through his Monster Jam World Finals racing career behind the wheel of Blacksmith, Grave Digger, Captain’s Curse, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and now Blue Thunder Pablo Huffaker has a total of 16 victories, then McDonald’s 13 wins round out the top five. Becoming the first driver to ever win five races at one Monster Jam World Finals sees Adam Anderson leap into the top ten, his 11 victories good for 7th on the all-time win list behind only the five drivers previously noted and sixth place John Seasock, a two-time World Racing Champion.

Rounding out the top ten on the all time list of Monster Jam World Finals round racing winners are Alex Blackwell, Linsey Weenk, and Madusa.

When you change the racing parameters from total wins to winning percentage again Max-D’s Meents leads the way, but jumping onto this list at number two is newcomer Bari Musawwir who was so impressive with his run to the semifinal round driving Spider-ManTM in his Monster Jam World Finals debut. Meents has an incredible Sam Boyd Stadium winning percentage of .841 during his 14 years of racing there, while Musawwir’s 3 and 1 record equals a .750 win percentage. Sure, we have just one year to go on with Bari but there’s no doubt he’s made an immediate impact on this race course, going 3 and 0 in route to winning the 2012 Young Guns ShootoutSM, then stepping up in class this year and racking up three more wins, this time in the Monster Jam World Finals itself. Clearly the Spider-Man pilot has found some early magic during his first two trips to the sport’s biggest weekend, and watching where he goes from here in this competition should be exciting.

Following Meents and Musawwir on the list charting the best racing win percentages are Grave Digger’s Dennis Anderson, former King Krunch driver Scott Stephens, and Bounty Hunter’s Creten.

Freestyle performances begin of course with the total number of World Championships where the Monster Jam World Finals originals lead the way, Max-D and Meents now with 5 freestyle championships and Jim Koehler and Avenger having two. As everyone who follows this event knows the freestyle competition at this event more than any other has created lots of feast and famine records, many top teams have seen a great performance one year followed by a poor score the following year. So an analysis of the best average freestyle scores in all Monster Jam World Finals freestyles competitions is interesting as well.

Number one on the list of the best average freestyle scores all-time through the first 14 Monster Jam World Finals is Monster Energy’s Damon Bradshaw. The 2009 World Freestyle Champion has an average score of 27.86 on the toughest course in the sport and in front of the most demanding judges, a mere one one-hundreth of a point better than Dennis Anderson’s average of 27.85. Who’s 3rd on that list? That would be Stone Crusher’s Steve Sims. Maybe the most underrated freestyle performer in the history of this event, Stone Crusher has finished in the top 5 during four of Sims’ six appearances in Vegas and has the third best average freestyle score of 26.50. Rounding out the top five: Iron Man’sTM Lee O’Donnell who like Sims has a strong, consistent freestyle record at the Monster Jam World Finals. O’Donnell and Iron Man’s average score of 25.75 is fourth best all-time, followed by Meents with an average of 25.29.

The rest of the top ten in average freestyle scores here are: Lucas Oil Crusader’s Linsey Weenk, Northern Nightmare’sSM Cam McQueen, Blue Thunder’s Pablo Huffaker, El Toro Loco’s McDonald and Bounty Hunter’s Creten.

Heading to 2014 and the biggest expansion ever at the Monster Jam World Finals when the greatest weekend in the sport expands to 32 Monster Jam superstars battling in an all new format with the entire race bracket on Friday and the biggest freestyle competition in history on Saturday, next year’s Monster Jam World Finals XV will provide even greater opportunities for the premier teams in the sport to make an even larger mark on the stat page that verifies the legacies of legends.

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