Amazing Action And Incredible Fans Making Monster Jam 2013 A Special Year

By Scott Douglass
Feb 5, 2013

They keep driving each other: every unbelievable moment of action on the track helps bring more fans to Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam® event after event, year after year, while at the same time it is that incredible support from the most amazing fans in the world powering the superstars to new heights. As the Monster Jam® trucks roar onto the floor of one sold out venue after another and then raise the bar as only these incredible talents can it’s obvious that 2013 is setting new standards as this is truly becoming a special year for the sport and those loyal, supportive fans.

Last weekend proved to be the latest example of this continued expansion of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam’s success with riveting racing competitions and breath taking freestyle performances on display from coast to coast and border to border, and it was the norm to see signs in the facilities hosting these events that said things like “Sold Out” and “Standing Room Only”. The passion that the fans display across the board this year really has pushed every competitor even harder. The drivers in Monster Jam today bring their A games every night out, and they push themselves and their high tech machines to the limit whether there are 6,000 people in attendance or 60,000 fans on hand. Still it is human nature that when every seat is sold, when the fans are rockin’ and having a blast as their heroes hit the track, that each and every Monster Jam superstar is tightening those belts even more and elevating their performances to the greatest heights ever. It is awesome to see how they feed off each other; the greater the drivers performances are the more excited the fans get, and the passion of those fans filling arenas and huge stadiums pushes the drivers and their teams to new levels of excellence. So far in 2013 we’ve seen that formula play out week to week and city to city.

Looking at the latest statistics from what is becoming a year unlike any other two drivers moved to the head of the stadium competition class by grabbing yet another trophy last weekend. This past Saturday night in front of a roaring standing room only crowd at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa the fans were treated to a head-to-head match-up of the two drivers off to arguably the best starts of anyone in the sport in 2013 on stadium race courses: Damon Bradshaw in Monster Energy and Linsey Weenk in Lucas Oil Crusader®. When Monster Energy held off Lucas Oil Crusader in a wild UTI Championship Round Race Bradshaw and Crew Chief Coty Saucier hoisted the Championship Race trophy over their heads for the third straight time at a major stadium event this year, Monster Energy now becoming the only team with 3 stadium racing triumphs this year.

On the freestyle side of the ledger Adam Anderson in Grave Digger the Legend® broke the logjam at the top of the dome and stadium winners list by turning in an epic performance at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis. The Legend’s freestyle is already being mentioned as a contender for the Freestyle of the Year award and was a no doubt winner in yet another major freestyle battle waged in front of more than 60,000 thrilled fans as the St. Louis Monster Jam enthusiasts sold out that massive building yet again. The freestyle victory in the shadows of the famous Arch allowed Anderson and Crew Chief Cole Venard to be able to boast of becoming the first team with three stadium freestyle victories in 2013.

While the stadium results have been wide open with plenty of surprises and some new names ascending to the top at major events, Team Grave Digger® has, for the most part, had the upper hand in arena action this year. A trio of Team Grave Digger drivers has taken advantage of lots of multi-event arena weekends to rack up some pretty gaudy early season number. Start with Carl Van Horn. CVH is the winningest driver in arena racing so far in 2013; his record of 33 wins and only 4 losses in rounds of racing has led to that part of the Digger outfit already totaling 7 event racing bracket Championship Round wins. Teammate Gary Porter is right there on the numbers list as well. Porter also has 7 Championship Round racing wins in arenas and sports an overall won-loss record of 27 wins and 7 losses. A third member of the elite squad, Randy Brown, is next on the racing winners list with 5 bracket championships and a total round by round slate of 23 wins and 10 defeats. On the freestyle side of the statistical rundown it is Brown who moves to the head of the class. Randy’s Grave Digger team has claimed 11 freestyle victories in arena competitions in 2013, and his teammates are right behind him: Van Horn has 9 of those freestyle wins and Porter has added in another 7 freestyle crowns this year for Team Grave Digger.

Also worth noting from last weekend was the breakthrough victory for Captain America and Chad Fortune. The popular veteran grabbed the Championship Racing trophy in front of that electric crowd in St. Louis, besting a stellar 16 truck line-up for what may be the biggest victory of Fortune’s Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam career. Kudos as well go out to Lee O’Donnell and the IronmanTM team. Bouncing back from a start to the season beset with mechanical woes O’Donnell and Ironman put it all together to claim the Championship Round Race against another amazing line-up in front of yet another sold out house at Reliant Stadium in Houston.

The first five weekends of action in 2013 have been off the chart and there is no doubt that the amazing fan support is helping to fuel some the greatest racing battles and freestyle performances ever, which is sure to continue with the sport invading 10 different cities this coming weekend, including some of Monster Jam’s most tradition rich arena venues in action along with the stadium thrills coming to Miami and Anaheim. A fantastic line-up is ready to provide the thrills to the fans in the Chicago area in five separate competitions this Friday through Sunday at the All State Arena in Rosemont, Illinois, while futher west the Pepsi Center in Denver will be rocking with four incredible battles slated for that facility and again, the way the fans are packing in this year, look for plenty more sold out signs all over North American at Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam and Maple Monster Jam® Leaf Tour events this coming weekend. All the more reason to make sure you check the upcoming events section on the main page of monsterjam.com to make sure you have all the information, including the Party in the Pits details, for the one of a kind excitement that Monster Jam is bring to a city near you soon.

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