Truly Spectacular: Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam 2013 Preview Coming To CBS Sports

By Scott Douglass
Dec 18, 2012

The CBS Sports Spectacular will really live up to its name this Sunday afternoon, at least in the eyes of millions of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam® fans, when the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam 2013 Preview Show airs as a part of that popular sports series. Be sure to check your local listings as this incredible hour of Monster Jam thrills will air at various times depending on the television market, pretty much either before or after the NFL game on CBS that is being shown in each particular area. Make sure you know the time in your television market and set the DVR for this special look ahead to 2013 and what is sure to be the greatest year ever of monster excitement all over the world.

This broadcast is a great launching pad heading into the busy first quarter of the New Year and everyone involved in putting this production together did a great job to set up the ambitious schedule the sport is about to embark on for 2013. The CBS Sports Spectacular will take fans behind the scenes and onto the track, with a focus on so many of the new things that fans will be enjoying after the famous ball drops in Times Square just a few days from now. The growth throughout the sport continues to be amazing, whether we’re talking about the road to Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World FinalsSM XIV presented by NGK Spark Plugs in the United States, the sophomore season of Canada’s popular Maple Leaf Tour featuring reigning World Freestyle Champion Northern NightmareSM and Cam McQueen, or any of the events that will thrill fans all over the globe on the Monster Jam World Tour, and this hour on CBS will preview it all while also looking back at many of the most scintillating moments that made 2012 the most action packed year the sport’s huge fan base has ever witnessed.

It really is an exciting time for everyone who drives a Monster Jam truck, each and every hard working crew member, all of those who produce these racing and freestyle extravaganzas, and most of all for all of those loyal and supportive fans who have their tickets in hand or are ready to get them for the live action headed their way. 2013 will be a year of celebration for Max-DSM as Tom Meents, Neil Elliott, and Kreg Christensen are set to raise the bar even higher as the most accomplished team in the World Finals era looks to not only celebrate what has been a Decade of Destruction, but to make this the most incredible year of Wow moments that the millions of Max-D supporters have ever seen. Appropriately when you consider that the Max-D team made it a major goal to spoil last year’s Grave Digger® 30th Anniversary tour, the tables are turned in the New Year. Grave Digger creator Dennis Anderson is making it clear that every member of his massive team, including his sons Adam Anderson behind the wheel of Grave Digger the Legend® and Ryan Anderson driving Son-uva Digger® are on a mission of their own to rain on the Max-D tenth anniversary parade at every turn, so the Greatest Rivalry in Motorsports figure to be even more epic in 2013.

Viewers tuning in to the 2013 Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Preview Show this Sunday will also get an in-depth first look at many of the new trucks and drivers that will be looking to make their marks on the track in the upcoming season. There are lots of new trucks coming, many of them have already been announced here at monsterjam.com, and on the CBS Sports Spectacular this Sunday many who love this sport will be able to get their first up close look at these exciting new pieces and lots of the new talented drivers helping to carry the sport to even greater heights moving into the future.

As we head into the start of a new calendar year remember that for many we just kicked off the new season earlier this month with the huge, tradition rich Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam in the Minneapolis Metrodome and fans will get their first chance to see televised highlights from that event during the CBS broadcast as well. That should mean the show will be even more popular in Oklahoma, the home of Marc McDonald who powered his El Toro Loco® to a breakthrough racing title when El Toro defeated Damon Bradshaw and Monster Energy in the UTI Championship Round race to claim that coveted racing trophy, as well as on the Outer Banks of North Carolina where the holiday festivities include toasting the successful return of Ryan Anderson’s Son-uva Digger to the winner’s stage when Son-uva Digger won the freestyle in Minneapolis for the second straight December mega-show in that venue. Both McDonald and the young Anderson carry tons of momentum into the New Year from the Metrodome, not just because of those wins, but especially due to the incredible line-up of the greatest Monster Jam superstars that each had to beat to win the champion’s hardware in Minneapolis.

Again make sure to check the television listings for your area because the program will air nationwide but at different times in different cities and you do not want to miss this special preview of what is going to be an incredible season. You can also check the news release about the CBS Sports Spectacular from the main page here at monsterjam.com for the actual time that the program will area in most of the country’s largest markets.

There is one more point to make sure that everyone is aware of about this Sunday’s can’t miss Monster Jam hour on CBS. Here is a quick inside tip for everyone who tunes in for this exciting look ahead to 2013: watch every single minute of this Sunday’s CBS Sports Spectacular and near the end of the program you’ll hear a major announcement regarding the sport’s continuing growth as we head into 2013.

Watch it live, have it recorded to enjoy it again later, and make sure that the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam 2013 Preview Show on the CBS Sports Spectacular is part of your holiday festivities and gets everyone ready for the thrills that only Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam will be providing to millions of fans in 2013.

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