Plan your next vacation to Digger's Dungeon and the Outer Banks

By Scott Douglass
May 3, 2011

"Old School" Grave Digger
"Old School" Grave Digger

This week’s column is being written from the road, dateline: Currituck, NC, the home of the legendary Digger’s Dungeon and the main Grave Digger race team shop. Spending the last few days enjoying this beautiful part of the country and the history that lives at the Grave Digger location has me thinking that for Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam fans, casual fans and super fans alike, this is the perfect spot to plan that next family vacation. 

First the area itself is incredible, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful parts of this country. The Outer Banks of North Carolina with their fabulous beaches, great boating and fishing, is just an amazing area to enjoy the best of life on the water. And during my trip I even got the deluxe treatment, a Sunday afternoon boat ride on the inter-coastal waterway with the skipper of the boat being Dennis Anderson, and the Grave Digger creator was as relaxed as you’ll ever see him. It was easy to see that for the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam’s most popular superstar who is always in demand, he is as at ease, and enjoying himself as much on the water as anywhere. 

Diggers Dungeon - Skipper 

Dennis Anderson as "The Skipper"

For fans of the monsters the perfect complement to the natural delights of the Outer Banks is the short drive over to Highway 158 to Currituck, the home of the Grave Digger compound, a place where the history of the sport comes in contact with the best of today. The shop there hosts not only Dennis’ Grave Digger but a host of other headline trucks, so on any given day strolling in front of the busy shop there’s no telling what top level monster you’ll see the teams working on. Walking over to the other side of the property and looking back it’s easy to see a Quonset hut where on this day both Adam and Ryan Anderson were hard at work. Today though it was not on their monsters, but on the mud trucks they both love to run at Dennis Anderson’s Muddy Motorsport Park, just a mile or so up Highway 158. 

Strolling over to another popular feature of the property you walk into Digger’s Diner, a sensational place to eat with plenty of great pictures and cool Dennis Anderson memorabilia on the walls as well as the ceiling,  and, oh yeah, a very tasty menu. If you head into Digger’s Diner I have to recommend the Scott Douglass Double Decker Burger. Awesome.  Or if you’re not a burger type maybe you’ll go for the Gray Porter Classic Chicken Salad. Enjoying my double burger I did have to wonder if the Icon was trying to tell me something, naming the decadent huge burger after me and the healthier option after Porter, but frankly, I quit worrying about that after the first bite. Delicious. Oh, and they serve up incredible breakfast at Digger’s Diner as well, so get there early!  

Diggers Dungeon - Douglass Burger 

Scott Douglass "Double Decker Burger"

After grabbing a bite it’s time to head over to Digger’s Dungeon on the other side of the property. First and foremost for Grave Digger fans you find a huge supply of the coolest Grave Digger merchandise and collectibles, including many Digger’s Dungeon specialty items that you won’t find elsewhere. Strolling along to select your merch you won’t want to shop too quickly, you’ll want to walk around and stare at the walls and ceilings which so much history on display, including  many plaques and trophies from Dennis’ wins over the years. Maybe the highlight among them is the replica of the “hot seat” signifying Anderson’s 2006 World Racing Championship, where you can even take a picture sitting in the throne of the sport’s history in a way. Just so much history. Even walking along the front of the property you’ve got to take pictures in front of several of the early versions of the “black and green wrecking machines” that are on permanent display. 

It is just a must see locale for fans of the sport and fans of The Icon, who you just might catch on site in person. If you take a vacation to the Outer Banks and plan to go to Digger’s Dungeon be sure to check GraveDigger.com. On that site you’ll find dates and times for public autograph sessions that Dennis does often throughout the year right there at Digger’s Dungeon. 

Highway 158 is clearly a monster mecca, at least for shops and trucks. Head west on that roadway another ten miles or so and you’ll find the home of Randy Brown Motorsports, the smaller but very sharp and professional home of another Team Grave Digger driver and his trucks. While Randy’s place is set up as his team’s shop exclusively and not necessarily a tourist attraction, it was cool to stop by and check it out, and sure enough when I pulled up unannounced Randy was there getting ready for another weekend on the road with his ongoing, and very popular, series of drag racing events with the IHRA. 

Make no mistake about it, a trip to the Outer Banks and a drive over to check out Digger’s Dungeon is something that should definitely be on any Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam fans’ list of top priorities for an incredible, and memorable, vacation. Check it out as soon as you can. And don’t forget to enjoy that Scott Douglass Double Decker in Digger’s Diner. No, I’m not getting a cut of the sales. It’s just that GOOD! 

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