Bari's Adventures - Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Path of Destruction

By Bari Musawwir
Jun 27, 2012

Hey Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam® fans! It’s been a few months since I have taken you on the journey known as “Bari’s Adventures”! Well, I’m back to give you the latest and greatest news on what I have been up too!  Fresh off of the Young Guns Championship, I was excited to find out that I was invited to participate in the ever popular Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Path of Destruction Tour! This is a huge tour which is growing rapidly across major stadiums across the north east!  I couldn’t wait to get down to putting the petal to the metal, but before we could pack the stadiums in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and East Rutherford, I was also invited to go on a promotional tour to do some media work in all three cities!  Lupe Sosa, George Balhan, Lee O'Donnell and I did several media appearances in all three cities from Newspaper, TV, Radio and Phone interviews, to Hospital visits and even a trip to Grand Central Station and  the top of the Empire State Building!


Once we were done with the week long promo tour it was time to head home for a couple of weeks to prepare for the first of the of three Path of Destruction events which kicked off in Baltimore Maryland’s M&T Bank Stadium! I was eager and honored to be able to compete in the company of some of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jams elite superstars! This would mark my first time at the same show with Dennis Anderson in Grave Digger®, as well as Adam Anderson so, I was pretty pumped up for that in its self.   When I arrived in Baltimore and saw the awesome set up for the Party in the Pits, it was nothing short of spectacular!  The Mavel fan zone was home to Spider-Man as well as Wolverine, Captain America, and Iron Man during the pit party where thousands of fans came through to say hi and check out the Monster Jam trucks!


Once I got my inspiration during the pit party from all the great fans, it was time to get ready to put Spider-Man through the paces for the first time since winning the Young Guns Shoot Out!  For the first time other then in Las Vegas we all got to make a practice racing pass before intros and qualifying! I felt like I had a pretty good pass, so I felt good going into qualifying! During my qualifying pass,  the truck started sliding into the first turn and washed out a bit causing me to have to check up to make the turn. I was able to gather the truck up and complete the run and finish strong. After all the dust cleared after qualifying I was matched up against Damon Bradshaw in Monster Energy. I tried to keep pace with Damon, but he managed to cross the finish line first, which put me out of racing in round one. I set my sites toward freestyle so I could end the show on a good note. I went out 3rd in freestyle, looking to get some big time air, only to be met with a hard landing on the 2nd jump which blew out the driver side rear tire! As I was flying through the air, I knew that the truck was going to land pretty hard on that side and I was hoping I could just drive out of it, which I did, but the tire took the brunt of the impact. I continued on the best I could but the truck shut off due to overheating right before bonus time. I managed a Score of 15 from the freestyle judges. This was not the performance I was looking for, but I didn’t want to dwell on it for too long, and during the post show Autograph session the fans let me know, that it was still cool while it lasted, which lifted my spirits, and made me feel good about the outlook of the next stop of the tour the following weekend in Philadelphia!


Once I got to Philly, I was on a mission to track down a good spot to get a Philly Cheese Steak! I wound up at Pat’s which did not disappoint at all! From there, I went to check out the awesome layout that the Monster Jam dirt crew had set up at Lincoln Financial Field. Once I scoped out the terrain I was bound and determined to put in solid performances in racing and freestyle.   I was able to complete my mission as I felt like I was getting faster around the oval racing track, but competing against Advance Auto parts Monster Jams elite veteran superstars is definitely a challenge I look forward to for years to come. In freestyle I was able to put together a solid run, with some good air, and a few slap wheelies for a score of 17.


With this great show, in the books it was time to set my sites on the final Path of Destruction event in East Rutherford, New Jersey at the amazing Met Life Stadium. With the biggest pit party on the tour to date, this event had a Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World FinalsSM type of atmosphere, which included several non competing  Monster Jam trucks on display, for an extra special added touch for the greatest fans in motorsports! I even decided to bring out my very own RC replica Spiderman Monster Truck for display at the Party in the Pits!


With Spider-Man being based out of nearby New York City, and being in the home of the super bowl champion New York Giants, I felt like I needed to throw caution to the wind and let it all hang out to close out the tour with a bang!  In racing I tried to keep pace with bad fast, Adam Anderson and The Legend®, but he put me on the trailer in round one, and eventually went on to break his dads winning streak in round two, and race his way to victory in the finals! Once it was time for freestyle, I had the task of going out first to set the bar. I wanted to set the bar high to see how I would stack up against some of Monster Jams best! I came out the gate and did a parade lap to salute all the great Monster Jam fans, and then it was game on! I wanted to leave nothing on the table so I went big from the very first jump, and tried to keep up as much momentum throughout the entire run.  The truck seemed to handle everything I threw at it, so I kept going for bigger and bigger air. I ended with a doughnut in the middle of the floor, for a score  of 21 which was my best performance on the tour thus far.


All in all I was pleased with the show, and I could not wait to see what the fans thought at the post show autograph session.  I had a great time on this Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Path of Destruction Tour, hopefully I will see the same great fans next year! I have to thank David Weihe, Dan Agosh, Jeremy Puglisi, Steve Parry, Toni Psaltis, and Mike Laney for all the awesome action photos for this addition of Bari’s Adventures!

Until next time

Take Care

Bari Musawwir

2011 Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Rookie of the Year
2012 Advance Autoparts Monster Jam Young Guns Shoot Out Champion

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