Bari's Adventures Denver

By Bari Musawwir
Feb 20, 2012

In week six of the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam tour I found myself right back in the Mile High city of Denver, Colorado for the 2nd time in my carrier.  Last season I was in Denver with El Toro Loco and if you remember it wasn’t the normal weekend of racing for me.  After our crew discovered a major issue with the power plant in the legendary Grave Digger, I actually gave up the 1500 horse power engine in El Toro Loco so the Black and Green wrecking machine could run. Well this year I was eager to put on a great show for all the great Denver fans especially since I didn’t get to perform last year!  I got in town the Thursday before the show so I decided to pay a visit to Hobby town USA in Westminster, CO. I was able to dig through there discontinued bin of parts to find some cool parts for an R/C Monster Truck project that I have been working on for the last few months. Coty Saucier, Tanner Swinhart and Justin from the Monster Energy /Ironman team came along also to see what they could find as well.

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After we checked out hobby town, we decided to stop by Unser Racing where they have an awesome go carting facility. Once we were granted our racing registration after we sat through a brief instructional class, it was time to get after it! We were slated for 2 seven minute heat races on the track. After racing carts with Tanner last March in Las Vegas, I knew he would be the man to beat. We turned sub 20 second lap times with Tanner and Cody leading the pack. I was able to come in 3rd behind them about a half second back. It's pretty amazing how hard you have to grip the steering wheel in these little carts, and the work out they give you because by the time we got done, you can feel the muscle burn in your arms!

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Once we had a fill of carting it was time to head back to the airport to pick up my teammate Chad Tingler and Grave Digger. Meanwhile my crew Nate Kirchner and David Olfert, were busy bringing the wounded Spiderman engine back to life, with a bunch of new parts. Once we got Chad from the airport it was time to go check out the Denver Nuggets game. They played the Golden State Warriors, and unlike last year's buzzer beating game winning shot for the nuggets they unfortunately were handed a home court loss this year.


After a busy Thursday, it was time for an equally busy Friday as I got things started bright and early with two radio station interviews at KOA 850 and KBPI 106.7. It seemed like déjàvu since I did the same two interviews last year.

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After having some fun on the radio, it was time for Norm Miller the driver of Batman and I to head to the Children's Hospital for some fun activity time with the kids called "Beads of Courage". This is an activity where we can interact with children that are in the hospital by making Beads of Courage necklaces with them. Each bead symbolizes a different form of courage, so the goal is to encourage the children to identify with the amount of courage it takes for us to drive huge Monster trucks, so they may use just as much if not more of their courage to battle any health issues they may have while they are receiving medical treatment in the hospital. It was a real eye opening experience and it really makes you appreciate the things so many of us take for granted such as your health and well being.

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Once our touching hospital visit came to a close the promotion team took us to lunch and then it was time for us to go our separate ways as we both had Monster Truck display appearances scheduled in different parts of Denver. My display took place at Cricket Wireless in Commerce City, Colorado. Upon my arrival the Cricket Wireless Staff was very welcoming and hospitable in their stores fun filled atmosphere! There were even a few fans that came out in full Spiderman gear! I was given the pleasure of giving away a family 4-pack of tickets, so I was in search of a family of four who did not have tickets already. I managed to find just that! I ran into the Schlosser family of Colorado Springs and it turned out to be their lucky day as I handed them the tickets and said well, if you didn't have plans Saturday night, you do now. Welcome to Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam! They were super excited to go to their first ever Monster Jam show!

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After a busy day of Media coverage it was time to wind down for the day, so I could rest up to get ready for 3 big shows inside the Pepsi center. I was able to take home 2 wheelie contest wins by standing the truck straight up and down in the wheelie contest and one racing win by cutting good lights throughout the racing weekend despite some engine timing issues! I was happy to be able to compete this year in Denver since I felt like I owed the great fans there after not being able to run last year! I had a blast in Denver; it truly is a beautiful city with a great community! A big thanks goes out to John Roberts for the awesome action photos you see below from the high flying time in the Mile High city!

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Maybe I will get to go back next season. But in the mean time we are off to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania next to battle it out with some tough Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam competitors for 4 big shows inside the CONSOL Energy Center. For more info on this show visit http://www.monsterjam.com/Events/2012/02/17/Pittsburgh,_PA/

Until the next edition of Bari's Adventures Take care

Bari Musawwir

2011 Monster Jam Rookie of the Year!

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