Bari's Adventures Fargo

By Bari Musawwir
Feb 10, 2012

What a difference a week makes when you’re on tour with the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam®! Last week I was in Sunny Southern California at Angels Stadium! This week I would make my way to the frigid temperatures of Fargo North Dakota to turn up the heat inside the FARGODOME for 3 big shows! Just getting to Fargo this year would put the word “Adventure” in “Bari’s Adventures”! The first leg of my trip from Orlando to Chicago was smooth sailing; however the 2nd leg from Chicago to Fargo would not be so smooth at all. We left Chicago after a 45 minute delay because the maintenance crew had to change a faulty tire on our plane. Once airborne we had a pretty smooth flight and we were getting pretty close to being able to start descent for  landing  when the captain came over the PA system and said” I’m sorry to inform everyone that we were cancelled on our final approach to land in Fargo due to a dense fog advisory. We only have approximately a quarter of a mile of visibility and we need at least a half mile of visibility to land so we will have to turn the plane around and head back to Chicago”! If I can paint the picture for you it was like that moment in time when music is playing and everyone is having a good time and all of the sudden the needle scratches off the record with that horrible halting sound we all know LOL! You could just hear everybody on the plane sigh, and look around to see everyone shake their head in disbelief! My initial reaction was, wow I wonder why we can’t land somewhere else closer to Fargo, but the fog advisory was pretty broad across the entire region so needless to say again, we were on our way back to Chicago.  Once we made it back to Chicago we had to proceed to customer service to see what the plan was to try and get to Fargo. Well as I made my way through the line up to the counter, they had to book me on the first flight out in the morning for Fargo, so it was time to find a hotel for the night, and continue this adventure in the morning. The next day came pretty quickly as I found myself on the hotel shuttle back to the airport at 6:30 am for my 8:23 am flight. Once flight time rolled around we left on time and in the back of my mind I was thinking, I hope the fog had enough time to dissipate, and as soon as that thought crossed my mind, the captain came over the PA system, and said” I’m sorry to inform everyone that we were cancelled on our final approach to land in Fargo due to a dense fog advisory. We only have approximately a quarter of a mile of visibility and we need at least a half mile of visibility to land so we will have to divert our destination to Minneapolis, Minnesota. ” My first thought was WOW, I knew it, I knew it, but at least we were making progress”.  Once we touched down in Minnie, we got instructions to hang out by the gate for updates in about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Ironically, Monster Jam show supervisor Blake Hardy, was on the same flight, so we devised a plan to grab some lunch and give the flight crew some time to give us an update on if the plane was going to leave for Fargo any time soon. After lunch we headed back to the gate to find out, they had to wait at least another hour to see if the fog advisory would be lifted. With having a Friday night show in roughly 7 hours, we decided to just have our luggage retrieved from the plane so we could rent a car to make the 4 hour drive from Minneapolis to Fargo. Along the way we passed by a awesome photo opportunity in the form of a bus that read” The Blake School”!  I told Blake he had to slow the car down so he could pose for a picture! LOL




Once we made it to the Fargo area, we went right to the Fargo dome with 30 minutes to spare before the drivers meeting. Once show time rolled around I was pretty excited to put old Spidey through the paces, starting with the Wheelie Contest. I got 2 chances to stand the 10,000 pound beast straight up and down! I managed to take the first win of the weekend scoring a 24 for the wheelie contest win! In round one of racing I faced off with the always fast Chris (Panda) Ryan and Ground Pounder. Once I pulled to the line and staged, I anticipated how hard the truck was going to launch on the tacky racing surface. Once the light turned green I put my foot to the floor, and Spiderman came to life pulling the front wheelies off the ground and carrying them all the way to the ramp which sent the truck airborne pretty far. This set me up for a bad first turn, so I was playing catch up and could never make up the time as Chris would cross the finish line first. With my racing night over I set my sights toward freestyle. In the 8 truck field I went out 7th right before my teammate Chad Tingler in the 30th Anniversary Grave Digger®. I was able to put together a pretty good run filled with good momentum, big air, slap wheelies and a doughnut at the end which didn't end so well as the truck hooked on the tacky surface and went up on 2 wheelies! I tried to steer into it and save it from going over but, I just didn't catch it in time and the truck just fell over for my first rollover of the season. I took the lead with a score of 26, only to be outdone by my teammate who claimed the victory by a mere point! After meeting all the great fans at the post show Autograph session, I went back to help out my crew fix the minor body damage before calling it a night. Saturday morning I was up bright and early to get ready for the Party in the Pits. I didn't get a chance to check out any hobby shops in Fargo this year, due to my late arrival, but as I walked to my truck to take my spot in the pit party I walked by the awesome display put on by the Extreme RC club from Minneapolis! They basically brought the hobby shop to us, with a huge variety of RC Monster Trucks of all shapes and sizes to display and demo for all the great fans here in Fargo!


 fargo11  fargo12 
 fargo9   fargo8 
 fargo7   fargo6 
 fargo5   fargo4 
 fargo3   fargo2 


After spending some time with the best fans in motorsports, it was time to get the high flying action started inside the Fargodome for two shows! During the 2pm afternoon show I ended up with a pretty good showing, placing 2nd in the wheelie contest, only to Drew Haygood, in his Desperado truck, who managed to flip his bright orange Chevy over backwards on his second wheelie attempt! I focused on racing next as I took down my buddy and fellow R/C enthusiast BoBo Ben Winslow in Iron Outlaw in the first round and his teammate Darren Migues in the brand new Bounty Hunter in round two. This would earn me a spot in the final round of racing to face off with Chris (Panda) Ryan in the Ground Pounder. I'm not sure why, but even dating back to last season, Chris Ryan has had my number in racing, so I wanted to try and get some redemption as we pulled up to the starting line. Once the light turned green, I took off over the first Jump and rounded the 1st turn on the fun Chicago style track. As I launched over the 2nd set of crush cars I looked over and saw we were pretty even in the air, so I wanted to try and make a flawless final turn. As soon as I landed the truck, I got in a bit of a hurry approaching the last turn and the truck took a funny bounce which through off my entire into the final turn and I ended up driving over the crush car that we use as a turning marker! This ended my run, handing Chris yet another win over me and Spiderman! Even though I was a bit let down, the win could not have gone to a nicer guy, especially since Chris and his team had to stay up virtually all night to get the truck ready, as they suffered a broken front differential housing in the Friday night show. With freestyle on the horizon, I was poised and ready to put the truck through the ringer, to try and contend for the win! I was able to do just that, win a huge air jump to end my run after bonus time! I ended with a score of 26 which was good enough for the Freestyle win! I was really excited to get my first Stadium style freestyle win of my Career here in Fargo!

After another fun filled post show autograph session, we had an awesome catered lunch and then Darren Migues and I went to join the fun at a private pizza party put on by the local Country music station "BOB 95 fm"!



 fargo14   fargo13 


After crashing the pizza party it was time to get ready for the 3rd and final show Saturday night! Upon moving the truck back into the tunnel in preparations for my introduction parade lap, I looked over at the oil pressure gauge, and saw that it read 25 lbs of oil pressure, and just as soon as I looked the oil pressure light came on. This is never good in any engine, let alone a high compression high horse power supercharged engine. I let me crew know and we decided there just wasn’t enough time before the show to do anything about it, so we decided to just run the truck the best I could for as long as I could because I wanted to make sure all the great Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam® fans got to see the Spiderman truck perform.  I faced off with my teammate Chad Tingler in Grave Digger in round one, and he was able to edge me out by about a ¼ of a truck length. Once I got back to the pits the oil pressure gauge only read 10 lbs of oil pressure. During intermission my crew David Olfert decided to put a few more quarts of oil in the engine to help it survive freestyle.  I was able to go out and put on a solid freestyle without the motor quitting on me for a respectable score of 17, but by the time the run was over I had zero oil pressure.  With their work cut out for them the crew was already making plans to check out the entire engine, so they knew what they needed to replace for our next show this coming weekend in Denver Colorado! For Information on this Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam® visit http://www.monsterjam.com/Events/2012/02/11/Denver,_CO/  Thanks to all the loyal Monster Jam fans that came out in the frigid temperatures of Fargo, North Dakota!  I had a blast there for the 2nd time in as many years!

Until the next edition of Bari’s Adventures

Take Care!

Bari Musawwir

2011 Monster Jam Rookie of the Year!

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