Driver(s): Randy Moore
Engine: Arias
Horsepower: 1460
Transmission 2 Speed Planetary
Tires 66” Terra
Butler Built Seats, FK Rod Ends, Hooker Harness, CSR, JAZ, BELL, Deere D-signs, and Raceway Villas at Thunder Valley
Don’t be fooled; War Wizard’s claim to fame isn’t just its distinct body style, but the power that lies under that exterior. Driver Randy Moore began competing in mud and sand drag races at the age of 15, and then spent nine years racing in the pro modified drag racing scene. When he made the move to Monster Jam®, he didn’t want to leave his drag racing roots behind. Making sure that the engine under the hood had as much power as the drag-inspired 1941 Willys coupe body implied, Moore set the Monster Jam truck speed record and can now say that War Wizard is year-in and year-out one of the fastest Monster Jam trucks in the world. At an old airport landing strip, Randy and War Wizard were officially clocked at 84.2 miles per hour, shattering the previous record of 69.2. Along the way, Randy somehow got his ten thousand pound beast to accelerate to 30 miles per hour in less than two seconds. So, when you see the War Wizard come up to the start line, don’t blink – because you might just miss all the action!