Driver(s): Jim Burns
Engine: 512 CI Chevy
Transmission Turbo 400
Tires 66” Terra
Rockford Drive Shaft
The best way to sum up the building of Mechanical Mischief is to use the title of an old Johnny Cash song, “One Piece at a Time.” That is exactly how Jim Burns created his Monster Jam® truck. In an effort of patience and perseverance that took years, Burns finally was able to realize his dream of competing behind the wheel once he finished building Mechanical Mischief. After spending several years owning and competing in drag racers and demolition derby cars, Burns decided to sell those machines, using that money to build a small shop, where in 2000, he began the process of building Mechanical Mischief. Burns worked two full-time jobs over the next six years, all the while continuing to build his pride and job piece by piece. Finally Mechanical Mischief was complete and Burns began competing in his pride and joy at Monster Jam events in 2007.