Driver(s): Trey Myers
Engine: 540 CI BB Ford
Horsepower: 1350
Transmission C-6
Tires 66" Terra
Miller Welders, ANC Racing Engines
While being made out of fiberglass and not iron, Iron Warrior’s bold paint job does evoke images of heavy metal. With a riveted look around the edges of the body, bright colorful logos, and a deep blue base, Iron Warrior looks more than ready to crush anything in its path. Driver Trey Meyers has been behind the wheel of the 2009 Ford F-150 for a handful of Monster Jam® seasons, but he’s already finding his groove on the Monster Jam tour, having gained valuable experience while observing Mike Vaters while working for the Black Stallion team, Meyers has learned from the best and is making the most of his opportunity in the driver’s seat.