Driver(s): Ryan Rice
Engine: 540 CI Merlin
Transmission Powerglide
Tires 66" Terra
Overtime Performance and Rice’s family
The creation of the Incinerator is the culmination of a lot of research and preparation by Ryan Rice to enter the sport. Rice started working on his dream of driving a Monster Jam® truck by simply being around the sport, asking a lot of questions and doing his own research into how to create one of his own. He then started running a ride truck, which allowed him to meet even more of the drivers and technicians already working in the industry. Eventually, Rice selected Tom Meents’ team in Paxton, Illinois, to build his first Monster Jam truck chassis, which was then completed and Incinerator was ready to go, first entering competition in 2009. Rice decided that working with the record-setting World Championship Max-DSM team to create Incinerator was the best way to have top equipment ready to compete throughout Monster Jam competitions.