Driver(s): Greg Winchenbach
Engine: 468 CI Chevrolet with 671 Blower
Transmission Custom Turbo 400 Automatic
Tires 66" Terra
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Crushstation, affectionately known as “The Monstah Lobstah,” may be a recent addition to the sport, but the creation of the unique Monster Jam® truck actually started back in 1999. Greg Winchenbach bought a brand-new Patrick chassis, but it ended up sitting in the corner of his shop for 10 years before he was able to finish building Crushstation. When he did, Winchenbach says that they sat down trying to think of something cool to call it. Because he was from Maine, people naturally associated him with lobster; so the idea came up for the name of Crushstation. From there, Winchenbach’s team began working on one of the most unique body designs in the sport and created a 10,000-pound, car-crushing lobster on wheels. Construction of the new Crushstation was completed in late 2009 and the team ran its first full Monster Jam season in 2010.