Trey Myers

Driver name: Trey Myers
Residence: Brunswick, MD
Birthplace: Brunswick, MD
Date of birth: December 9, 1973
Years competing: Since 2004

Trey Myers always knew he wanted to travel, he just didn’t expect it to be as a part of the Monster Jam® tour. His dream had always been to be on a professional Top Fuel team. However, in 1999, he went to his first Monster Jam with Mike Vaters of Black Stallion and the rest was history! Myers began his Monster Jam career by working his way through the ranks as a crew member. In 2004, Mike Vaters injured his ribs so he decided to throw Myers behind the wheel of Black Stallion. Vater’s quickly recovered, and leased the Iron Warrior Monster Jam truck through the owner, Glenn Bowlin. This was the big break that Myers needed. He soon thereafter became a full-time Monster Jam driver.


When Myers isn’t behind the wheel of Iron Warrior, he works as a graphic designer and painter for anything from street trucks to Monster Jam trucks. He has done the paint for Rap Attack, the Eradicator street truck, and many more. He also made school a priority, and earned his Master’s degree in Business Administration. For anyone who wants to have a career as a Monster Jam truck driver, Myers has this advice, “I want to tell anyone who is interested in doing this for a living to believe in their dreams,” he said. “You can succeed doing this by working hard. Grab your opportunities!” Myers is also extremely thankful for the opportunities he has been given, “I never would have expected to be in this position before,” says Myers. “Now that it has happened, though, I am enjoying every minute of it.”  


Trey Myers the Highlight of his Career  


“The biggest highlight for me in my career was in 2008 when I won the Sportsman of the Year award. To be recognized by Monster Jam as Sportsman of the Year just means so much because all year I’m just trying to be in a good mood and be a good sport about everything. It’s unbelievable to get a little recognition like that. That’s one of the real big highlights for me.”