Dawn Creten

Driver name: Dawn Creten
Residence: Tonganoxie, KS
Birthplace: Bismarck, ND
Date of birth: September 7, 1973
Years competing: Since 1998

Whether it's crushing school buses with a 10,000 pound Monster Jam® truck or raising 3 kids, Dawn Creten is the woman for the job. Competing since 1997, the former Army Medic has numerous event titles and has qualified more than once for the sport's biggest event, the Monster Jam World Finals. Originally from North Dakota, Dawn found her now husband and occupation when Jim Creten and The Bounty Hunter were victorious during a race at a fair in her home state.


Adapting quickly to life on the race circuit, Dawn learned her way around the Monster Jam trucks and eventually found herself in the driver’s seat. As she competed at each event, her skills improved and Dawn became more comfortable being in control of the 1,400 horsepower machine. The fans took notice to this fresh face on the Monster Jam truck circuit, the cheers grew louder, and autograph lines grew longer. In 2003 the new Ford Expedition Scarlet Bandit driven by Dawn clenched major event victories in Vancouver and Sacramento. The highlight of the 2003 season was her photo finish with former World Champion, Tom Meents, at the Metrodome in Minneapolis. Besides her stadium win in Phoenix, AZ during 2004, Dawn achieved some recognition in a new area. She took home the 2004 'Crash Madness Award' from Monster Jam for her heart stopping front flip at the season’s first event at Houston's Reliant Stadium.


By 2005, it was becoming very apparent that in both Racing and Freestyle, Dawn was a force to be reckoned with any time she tightened the safety belts. The Scarlet Bandit proved that by capturing her 2nd consecutive racing victory in Phoenix, AZ. "Bank One Ballpark is always big event for us in the winter," Dawn recalled. "I love the atmosphere of the stadium and giving fans and sponsors something the cheer about.”


Fueled by her win in Phoenix, Scarlet Bandit was one of the elite 20 Monster Jam trucks asked to compete at the Monster Jam World FinalsSM V in Las Vegas. Dawn attacked the biggest obstacles of the season, everything from garbage trucks to the huge rock pile, with no fear. The judges presented Dawn with a 25, landing her 6th in the freestyle competition.


Following the biggest event of her career, Dawn took some time away from the sport to expand her family, missing the 2006 season. Always a morale booster, Dawn kept her presence known, cheering on her husband, Jim. The 2007 Monster Jam season was more competitive than it had ever been. New track designs kept the sport moving forward, but Dawn made her return to the seat to add one in the record books. Stellar shows in Anaheim, St. Louis, and San Diego landed her a return spot at the Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas.



Away from the T.V. cameras and roaring engines, Dawn enjoys spending time at home with her 3 daughters. Although they are in school and may not be able to attend every event, at the ones they do attend, they provide a constant cheering section.