Candice Jolly

Driver name: Candice Jolly
Residence: Naples, FL
Birthplace: Naples, FL
Years competing: Since 2007

One of the sport’s best-known female drivers, Candice Jolly has built a huge fan following in a short time on the Monster Jam® tour. Jolly’s been raised in a family that loves motorsports and most of her family participates in many different types of racing. Her sister, Courtney Jolly has also driven in Monster Jam competitions. Jolly has not only built a large fan base in North America, she has also become one of the sport’s most popular drivers on the World Tour, having competed several times outside of the United States. Known for her big smile and bubbly personality, Jolly is a big hit, both on the track and during the Party in the Pits.

Q&A with Candice Jolly  


MonsterJam.com: How did you get started competing on the Monster Jam circuit?


Candice Jolly: We were at a show where my sister sang the United States National Anthem. We started talking to Mike Wales and Brian Welch [Monster Jam operations managers] and showed them our driving portfolios. Mike and Brian brought us up to the Grave Digger® shop at two different times to give us auditions. Shortly after, they gave us jobs on the tour. I’ve been racing since I was eight years old. I started in go-karts. I’ve run Formula Vees, Sport 2000’s, Formula Continental,  Limited Late Models, dragsters, swamp buggies, demolition cars, among others, and now Monster Jam trucks.


MonsterJam.com: Who else in your family is involved in motorsports?


Candice Jolly: My whole family is involved in motorsports.  My mom and step father race swamp buggies. My dad races drag cars.   My son & youngest sister races go-karts and my grandma raced swamp buggies back in the 50's.


MonsterJam.com: What do you enjoy doing while on the road with Monster Jam?


Candice Jolly: My favorite part of Monster Jam is getting to meet all the amazing fans in at the pit parties.  All over the world the Monster Jam fans welcome us to their towns. I love to see all of their homemade poster they make for us! Some people get very creative with them!  It's just like the outfit the kids and parents make for my Monster Mutt Dalmatian Fashion Show at Monster Jam World Finals. The families go completely over board! It's brings tears to my eyes every year that they are there to support me! I love my Dalmatian Nation babies!


MonsterJam.com: What do you do with your free time?


Candice Jolly: We love to go fishing all over the world. If we’re not go-kart racing or racing demolition cars, we’re usually on the boat playing somewhere.


MonsterJam.com: What is your greatest memory as a Monster Jam truck driver?


Candice Jolly: My greatest memories are all the little kids that I make so happy every year by bringing my big puppy to their city to perform. Their smiles bring joy to my heart. I can't explain the happiness it bring me to meet them and hear their stories!


MonsterJam.com: Do you have any pre-show rituals that you run though?


Candice Jolly: I’m not superstitious but ever since I was a little girl racing go-karts I’ve always worn funny-colored socks. For instance, with little monkeys, hearts or stars on them. If you ever come to me on race day and ask to see my socks, you’ll see that I’m sporting some crazy designs. I’ve just been doing that since I was a little kid and I continue to do it.


MonsterJam.com: If you were not competing on the Monster Jam tour, what career path would you follow?


Candice Jolly: Aside from driving a Monster Jam truck, I’m a restaurant general manager. I would stick with that. I mean, I haven’t given that position up – my boss said there’s no way he’s going to let me give it up; so I’ve been pretty much doing it all. Being a mother, running the restaurant, performing in Monster Jam, running a go-kart track, I’m busy.


MonsterJam.com: Tell us about your non-profit organization.


Candice Jolly: It’s for children with Autism and Down’s syndrome who love to ride horses. We have them come out to our house. We have 43 students. It’s called Showtime Riding Academy. It’s just been a really great thing. We’ve done a lot with Monster Jam and Make-A-Wish. I was talking with my mom and sister and really just wanted to do something for local-area kids who are living with a disease. We started it in 2008, and it has really been an amazing experience for me, my son Chase and the kids. I love watching the kids having fun.


MonsterJam.com: What’s your favorite food?


Candice Jolly: Lobster  


MonsterJam.com: What’s your favorite movie?


Candice Jolly: Waterboy  


MonsterJam.com: What’s your favorite television show?


Candice Jolly:   Blacklist


MonsterJam.com: What’s your favorite color?


Candice Jolly:  Bright Red